A Discussion of Healing

I want to run fairly small groups for this campaign and often no one wants to run a dedicated healer, as it can become a fairly uninteresting role. This can be avoided by group investment in healing wands or potions, or by including an NPC cleric whose focus is on healing.

I find this to be a very limiting use of clerics, I think the cleric is a very interesting role with a lot of possibilities and simply turning into a medic becomes boring.

In the earliest versions of Dungeons & Dragons, hit points were explained as more than just physical damage, they encompassed fatigue, morale, short-term injury, and longer-term physical injury. Anyone who has been involved in sports, especially something like wrestling or boxing, or who is had the occasion to be involved in a fight be on the playground or a bar, knows that much of the damage is quickly overcome.

I have two ideas for attempting to replicate this and remove the need for a dedicated healer. One is probably more realistic but will require more paperwork. The other borrows conceptually from fourth edition D&D. It is easier if less realistic, that said realism at the expense of gameplay isn’t always what were looking for.

The first idea is that 75% of damage taken in a battle is healed once the battle finishes and short rest can be had. Critical hit damage is not healed in this way, as it is considered damage that has penetrated your armor and his physical damage.

The second idea is to use an abbreviated form of fourth additions recoveries. Players will get one recovery per level, these recoveries will be a D8. There will be a feat available called Additional Recovery which adds one additional recovery and also changes the recovery to a D10.

I have created this same page as a Forum post. Discussion is welcomed.

A Discussion of Healing

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