Welcome to the Temple of Jing

After crossing the desert for days, sure you were lost, wondering why you didn't join up with the caravan, even though its slowness would have driven you mad, you see, over the next rise, a green hillside.  Half afraid you are mad, you wipe your eyes and look again, but it is still there.

Moving forward, you are within half a mile of this amazing sight, when horsemen appear from nowhere, charging toward you, splitting on either side and surrounding you, steel caps surmounting tight turbans, curved scimitars handing from wide cloth belts and thin lances held in their hands.  The dust thrown up by the cavalry blocks your sight, and fills your mouth and nose.  This is too much for you and you slip into unconsciousness.

You wake, how long after you do not know, to the feel of a cooling breeze, flavored with odd scents, and the sound of a voice, guttural and not too far away.  "Another western fool here to search out the riches of the Temple, no doubt."  A kinder, voice responds, "all men come at the whim of Jing."

The Temple of Jing is accessible from deep within the desert city-state of Lamakaan.  A large city, centered in a lush vale in the middle of an almost impassable desert, Lamakaan is cosmopolitan, allowing free trade and access to most peoples, as long as they maintain peace within the city.

Jing is a trickster god, who has fashioned a magical series of dungeons under the city for his own amusement.  Vast wealth can be found in the halls of the dungeon, as well as unimaginable strange peoples, creatures and places.

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